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    Check-in a Reservation on a Mobile Device

    Checking in reservations in RMS using compatible smart devices.

    Steps Required

    1. Log into RMS 9+ on a mobile or tablet.
    2. Select 'Check-in' on the home screen.
    3. Select the Reservation for Check-in.
      1. Optional: Enter additional guests for the reservation.
      2. Optional: Create a Boomgate Access Code if required.
    4. Proceed and have the guest read and accept the displayed Terms & Conditions.
    5. Confirm Check-in.

    Visual Guide

    Log into RMS 9+ on a compatible smart device.

    Select 'Check-in' on the Home screen.


    It is recommended to take full payment at time of booking or prior to arrival to take advantage of express check-in and check-out opportunities.

    This will display a list of all the current day's expected arrivals.

    When the guest arrives, at the gate or other location for express check-in, select their name from the displayed guest registry to view their reservation details.

    Additional Guests can be added by selecting the blue plus symbol and entering the extra guest's name.

    These guest details will then display in the Additional Guests section.

    If Boomgates are used at the property and no Access Code has been generated on the reservation, this can be done during check-in by selecting the plus symbol.

    This registration will then appear with the Reservation Details.

    Select 'Proceed' to continue.

    The Terms & Conditions will be displayed and can be presented to the guest for accepting.

    The reservation will now be in 'Arrived' status and the guest can enjoy their stay.

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