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    Rate Information

    Information on rate setup in RMS

    Rate Components

    Rates in RMS determine the price that will be charged on a reservation.

    To calculate this RMS will reference a Rate Lookup that combines the three elements of rate setup in RMS.

    Rate Lookup

    The Rate Lookup is the linking component that RMS uses to know which combination of Rate Type and Rate Table to use during any specified Rate Period.

    Without a Rate Lookup each Rate Type, Rate Period and Rate Table will be disconnected and not available for use on reservations.

    Only Rate Types and Rate Tables with the same Rate Structure can be linked together.

    Rate Type

    The Rate Type is the charge description or charge type that identifies a particular set of pricing. 

    Rate Period

    The Rate Period sets the date range of availability for a particular set of pricing.

    Rate Table

    The Rate Table determines the pricing structure including any fees for additional guests.

    Rate Labelling Conventions

    Using a consistent formula for labelling Rate Tables and Rate Periods can make rate setup and maintenance simpler for users in RMS.

    Below are some examples of formats that can be used to create consistency and simplicity in rate setup.

    Format Example
    YYYY - Period - Rate Type - Category 2020 - PEAK - BAR - Acacia Cabin
    YYYY - Property - Period - Rate Type - Category 2020 - The Lake House - OFF PEAK - S4P3 - Lake Cabin
    YYYY - Rate Type - Category 2020 - Rental - Long Term

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