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    Rate Type Structures

    Information on the difference in Rate Type Structures in RMS.

    The Rate Structure selected on a Rate Type determines what Rate Table options will be available to be combined with it.

    Depending on what the Rate Type will be used for and where it will be advertised will depend on the best structure to fit your needs.

    Only Rate Types and Rate Tables with the same Rate Structure can be linked together.

    OTA Rate Structure

    The OTA Rate structure has limited Rate Table options compatible and is designed to be used with the Channel Manager to connect through to Online Travel Agents.

    As these Online Travel Agents accept rates in a very specific format, the OTA Rate structure is maintained in line with this.

    OTA Rates are designed as "per period" rates. A price per date.

    Several Online Travel Agents or Distributors started accepting an Extended Stay style rate structure and this can also be setup with the RMS OTA Rates to be used with those compatible channel connections or in house.

    Direct Rate Structure

    The Direct Rate structure is compatible with all available Rate Table options and is the most flexible structure. However, few channel connections outside the RMS IBE can accept rates in this format so these work best for the RMS IBE or in house use.

    In previous versions of RMS, Direct Rates were referred to as 'Traditional Rates'.

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