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    Support Response Times

    Schedule 1 – The Service Standards

    Schedule 1 – The Service Standards

    Support Response Times

    Coverage Window: The Service Provider’s Coverage Window is 7.00AM to 11.00PM – during this time and outside of this time the Service Provider will respond to issues submitted to the RMS Help Desk based on the Priority definitions and Response Times defined below.   

    Schedule 1 – The Service Standards cont.

    Uptime Service level requirements

    The Service Provider undertakes that the hosted environment and network will be available to be accessed by the Customer at least 99.95% (Uptime) of each full calendar month during the Service Period.


    A. Availability Measurement

    System Availability shall be measured by the Service Provider in the following manner: 

    System Availability will be calculated as “Total Actual System Availability” (up time) divided by “Total Possible System Availability”. 

    Example:  995 hours Actual Availability / 1000 Total Availability = 0.995 or 99.5% Actual Availability.

    B. Minimum Total System Availability

    Minimum total System Availability will be 99.5% (3.65 hours per month or 43.8 hours per year) excluding planned outage windows. 

    The following will not factor into calculation of System Availability: 

    i. Scheduled Downtime (Service Provider will issue a notice advising of such Scheduled Downtime).

    ii. The Customer’s failure to perform its obligations under the Agreement that affect the performance of the Service Provider’s System.

    iii. Factors outside the Service Provider’s control including a Force Majeure Event.

    iv. the performance of a third party (including, but not limited to telecommunications providers or internet providers).

    v. Actions by the Customer or the Customers equipment/technology or third party equipment, software or other.


    For purposes of this Service Level Agreement, the following definitions shall apply.

    Availability The percentage of time, during a given period, in which the Service Provider System is substantially available for the Customer’s Productive Use.

    Downtime The time when the Service Provider’s System or one or more of the specified Service Provider’s System components is not available for The Customer’s Productive Use.

    Productive Use The Customer’s ability to access and use the functionality of the System Provider’s System, including, but not limited to, the ability to manage rates and inventory feature, receive reservations via booking engine, and use other portions of the RMS System specifically contracted for use by the Customer, including but not limited to all functions of the Property Management System, Booking Engine, and interfaces with the Distribution Channels.  

    Scheduled Downtime Scheduled Maintenance will be undertaken at regular intervals by the Service Provider which shall have no effect on the system. 

    Scheduled maintenance that will take parts of the system into downtime will be undertaken by the Service Provider at approximately 3 month intervals.  The Customer’s shall be notified at least 72 hours in advance of such scheduled maintenance and the expected duration to be conducted between the hours of 2AM and 4AM (Customer’s local time).  The system will be mostly available during this time and the status page on the Service Provider’s website shall advise the Customer of any parts of the system that are offline.  The status page shall be updated again once those parts of the system are returned online.

    Status Page located at:


    Unscheduled Downtime System Downtime that is not Scheduled Downtime.  During unscheduled maintenance a notice shall be placed on the status page notifying properties that there is an unscheduled outage and the expected duration.  The status page shall be updated as further information becomes available and again once the outage is corrected.


    Status Page located at:


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