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    Receipt Allocation

    Allocation of payments to charges in RMS.

    Receipt Allocation is the automatic background process of allocating payment to unpaid charges on an account. 

    The Receipt Amount is used to allocate payment to the unpaid portion of any charges on the account and bring it into balance.

    If there are no charges on the account or the Receipt Amount is greater than the total unpaid charges amount on the account the un-allocated portion of the Receipt will become part of the Suspense Receipt Amount.

    Suspense Receipt Amounts demonstrate the movements of additional funds that are not yet allocated to a charge anywhere in RMS including Deposits or overpayments.

    Receipt Allocation to charges is managed on an account by account basis and an overall record of movement for un-allocated amounts from all Receipts is reported as a total sum of Suspense Receipts.

    Users can opt to manually allocate payment to selected charges when creating a Receipt on an account.

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