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    Per Person, Per Room & Person Base

    Rate setup options to maximise occupancy and revenue in RMS.

    RMS offers a range of Rate setup options to suit operational requirements for maximising occupancy and revenue at the property.

    The following scenarios are designed to demonstrate the flexibility and options available when setting up rates in RMS.

    All rates shown are compatible with online channel connections.

    Seasonal Ski Lodge

    Minimum Length of Stay, Person Base & Additionals

    This seasonal ski lodge has a limited operating period throughout the year with lodges able to accommodate between 4-8 guests throughout the snow season.

    Due to seasonal limitations and high demand during the short operating season, this property chooses to setup a minimum length of stay of 3 nights on their rates and set the lodge rates to charge the minimum number of desired occupants (4) with additional prices for 5-8 guests.

    This allows couples, singles and groups of less than 4 to still book a lodge and provides the property the security of receiving that minimum rate based on 4 guests for the set length of stay.

    Inner City Hotel

    Person Base 1 with Additionals

    This inner city hotel receives its fair share of leisure guests but its primary income source is from the steady stream of corporate travellers, often travelling solo.

    This property sets up their rates based on single occupancy and uses additionals to configure the room prices for 2, 3 & 4 guests.

    RMS allows the property to do this by setting the Person Base as 1 on their Nightly Rate with Additionals setup for extra guests or setting up a Per Person Rate Table.


    Per Person Rate Tables are not compatible with all OTA connections.

    Motel & Campground

    Maximum Occupancy as Person Base

    This motel and campground combination has 30 motel rooms that can accommodate up to 3 guests with campsites limited to a maximum of 8 persons depending on the size of the site.

    The motel rates set a Person Base of 2 with an Additionals fee setup for the third guest whilst the campsite rates are setup per site fee with the Category Setup limiting the Maximum Occupants Per Area.

    For this property they receive the motel rate of the minimum 2 guests even if a single guest stays and receives the same fee for the campsites whether 1, 2 or 8 people stack up in a tent for the night.

    Luxury Resort

    Packaged & Extended Stay Rates

    This luxury resort includes a combination of family friendly rooms as well as couple oriented getaways.

    This resort sets up Family Rates with Children Stay Free by setting up a Minimum 1 Adult on their Rates and setting prices per Family Room capped at the Maximum Occupants Per Area in the Category Setup.

    For the other side of the resort focused on couples, the property sets up packaged rates with inclusive breakfast and other couple focused luxuries with all rates set as a Person Base of 2.

    Holiday Rentals

    Room Rates with Maximum Occupancy as Person Base

    A collection of holiday houses located in various tourist heavy areas.

    Each house gets setup with the Maximum Occupants Per Area on the Category Setup and their rates setup as an Extended Stay Rate for the house in its entirety. 

    Whether its one person or the maximum number of guests that choose to stay, this property receives the required revenue for the houses.

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