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    Connection information for BookMeBob.

    BookMeBob is a chatbot that can be added to the property website acting as a virtual assistant to help guests create their reservation at the property.

    Availability, Rate & Reservation Information

    The following Availability, Rate and Reservation information is sent and received between BookMeBob and RMS.

    Availability & Rates Guests & Reservations
    Availability Guests
    Allotments Surname
    Live Availability 365 Days Given
    Oversell Allotments Address
    Release Back Time Town/Suburb
    Rates State
    Additionals Rates Postcode
    Currency Country
    Rate Amount Phone
    Rate Description Email
    Override Amount
    Person Base
    Restrictions Reservations
    Closed to Arrival Single Reservation
    Closed to Departure Group Reservation
    Maximum Nights Modification
    Minimum Nights (MLOS) Cancellation
    Minimum Nights (Soft Close) Email Confirmation Sent By BookMeBob
    Stop Sell Reservation Details

    Arrive & Depart Date
    Booking Source
    OTA Notes
    Rate Type
    Travel Agent

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