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    Booking Chart: Check-in

    Check-in a reservation on the Booking Chart in RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Go to Charts > Booking Chart in RMS.
    2. Expand a Category.
    3. Select the Reservation.
    4. Right Click and select 'Check-in Reservation'.
    5. Select 'Yes' to confirm.


    Check-in from the Booking Chart when no further information is being obtained from the guest on their arrival.

    Users will not receive a prompt with an Upgrade Offer when selecting 'Check-in' on the Booking Chart.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Charts > Booking Chart in RMS.

    Expand a Category.

    Select the Reservation.

    Right click and select 'Check-in Reservation'.

    Select 'Yes' to confirm.

    The reservation will be updated to 'Arrived' status in RMS.

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