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    CommWeb Merchant Administrator Portal

    Information on configuration in the CommWeb Merchant Administrator Portal.

    Steps Required

    Have your System Administrator complete the following:

    1. Log into the Merchant Administrator Portal using the URL in an email from Commonwealth Bank.
    2. Go to Admin > Operators > Create a New Merchant Operator.
    3. Enable 'Change own password' and 'Configure integration settings'.
    4. Log out as Administrator.
    5. Log in as new user.
    6. Go to Admin > Integration Settings and choose 'Edit'.
    7. Enable 'Password 1' checkbox.
    8. Select 'Generate New' and choose 'Submit'.
    9. Save this Merchant Key for setup in RMS.


    A separate email including a password for the Merchant Administration Portal will be sent.

    Merchant Administrator Portal credentials provided via email expire in 2 hours if unused.

    Newly generated Merchant Keys can take between 1-24 hours to become active.

    Visual Guide

    Use the URL provided in an email from Commonwealth Bank to log into the Merchant Administrator Portal.

    Navigate to Admin > Operators > Create a New Merchant Admin Operator 

    Enable 'Change their own password' and 'May configure integration settings' for the new user.

    Log out as Administrator and log in using the new user credentials created.

    Navigate to Admin > Integration Settings and select the 'Edit' tab.

    Select the check box against Password 1 > Generate New and choose 'Submit'.

    Save the generated Merchant Key for setup in RMS.

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