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    Control Panel

    Manage restrictions and overrides to rates and availability.

    • Control Panel

      View and manage restrictions and overrides in RMS.

    • Allotments

      Allocate inventory available to a connected channel for selected Rate Types in RMS.

    • Soft Close

      Apply a length of stay restriction to any reservation stay date in RMS.

    • Clear Restriction

      Cancel a restriction set in RMS.

    • Close Rate

      Prevent use of a Rate Type without closing availability in RMS.

    • Closed to Arrival

      Prevent reservations arriving on selected dates in RMS.

    • Closed to Departure

      Prevent reservations leaving on selected dates in RMS.

    • Deposit Policy

      Set an alternate Deposit Policy to any Online Deposit or Rate Deposit in RMS.

    • Last Area Value

      Set the minimum value that the Rate Amount can be set to for the last available Area in the Category in RMS.

    • Last Area Value Yield Adjustment

      Set the yield adjustment amount to calculate the Last Area Value on Rate Types with a commission or package in RMS.

    • Length of Stay Restrictions

      Information on how length of stay restrictions apply in RMS.

    • Maximum Property Oversell

      Set the maximum amount of inventory above physical inventory at the property that can be sold in RMS.

    • Minimum Nights (MLOS)

      Set a length of stay restriction determined by the Reservation Arrive Date in RMS.

    • Oversell Allotment

      Set a value of inventory above the physical inventory in a Category that can be sold in RMS.

    • Rate Adjustment

      Set a percentage or flat amount value to be added or subtracted from the calculated Base Rate Amount in RMS.

    • Rate Override

      Set a new Base Rate Amount for the selected Rate Type on the Rate Manager in RMS.

    • Sale

      Set a spotlight on selected dates for the Rate Grid on the RMS Internet Booking Engine.

    • Set Daily Best Available Rate

      Set the Category price point when using Multiple Best Available Rates in RMS.

    • Stop Sell

      Close availability for the selected Category and Rate Type in RMS.

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