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    Financial Revenue

    Information on Financial Revenue in RMS.

    Financial Revenue reporting is based on the accounting date in which the transaction was applied to the account.

    There are a number of setup options to determine when accommodation transactions will apply to an account in RMS that will alter the dates revenue can be reported on for those particular reservations.

    Example Financial Revenue Reports

    Accounting > Audit Trail
    Accounting > Daily Charge
    Management > Financial > Cash/Charge
    Night Audit > EOD

    Financial Revenue Calculation Rules

    Financial Revenue is reported by transaction date for the transaction value applied to an account.

    Financial Revenue will include transactions posted to Guest, Reservation, Company, Travel Agent, Owner, Cash & POS Lite Accounts against their respective General Ledger Account Codes.

    Voided Transactions

    Voided Transactions will report as a negative value against the GL Account Code on the date the void occurs on the account.

    When a transaction is voided on a date other than the original transaction date, this will balance itself across the dates for both the initial transaction posting and the date of the void.

    See Example #2 & Example #4

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