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    Add Ons Import

    Information on requirements for importing Add Ons into RMS.

    Import Information

    • The file to be imported must be in a comma delimited .csv format (Field Delimiter).
    • Data fields including a comma should be surrounded in "double quotes"(Text Delimiter).
    • Line returns should be replaced with the pipe character '|'  
    • Microsoft Excel is able to save using a .csv format that should match these requirements.
    • Header rows may be left in place as RMS can determine if there is a header row.

    Field Order

    Order Field Name Field Type Required Max Characters notes
    1 Legacy Res ID Alpha Numeric Y 50 Legacy Res ID
    2 From Date Date Y   Start date of Add On dd-mmm-yyyy
    3 To Date Date Y   End date of Add On dd-mmm-yyyy
    4 Use Arrive True/False     Add on will follow Arr date if changed
    5 Use Depart True/False     Add on will follow Dep date if changed
    6 Add On Type Alpha Numeric Y 20 Name of Add On Category
    7 Add On Alpha Numeric Y 20 Name of Add On Area
    8 Houskeeping True/False     To show in HK report
    9 Sundry Alpha Numeric   20 Name of Sundry if Charging
    10 UseSundryAmt True/False     Use amount from Sundry Charge
    11 Daily Charges True/False     Charge each day
    12 Amount Currency     Amount to Charge

    Sample File

    Add On.csv

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