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    Long Term Reservations

    Information on Long Term Reservations in RMS.

    Long Term Reservations are reservations that exceed 60 nights and use a Repeat Charge or Periodic Charge for the accommodation charges on the account.

    The Long Term field should be set to 'Yes' on any reservation that meets the Long Term criteria and users will be prompted if the reservation meets the Long Term critiera and has not been set to Long Term.

    Long Term Reservations behave differently to short term reservations in RMS, setting the Long Term field to 'Yes' on a reservation will cause the following changes:

    • Rates will not be created on the Reservation Account
    • The Repeat Charge or Periodic Charge is used for the Accommodation Revenue Projection on Operational Revenue reports instead of the Quoted Rate or Rate Projection
    • Reservation will be included as a Long Term Reservation in reported data

    Account & Statements

    Long Term Reservations using a Repeat Charge to create accommodation charges on the account can be setup to display a Paid To Date on the Account.

    When the number of Nights on a Long Term Reservation is greater than 2,500 the Departure Date will no longer display on any generated Receipt, Statement or Tax Invoice.

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