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    New Quote Reservation

    Create a new Quote Reservation in RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Go to Reservations > Make Reservation in RMS.
    2. Select the 'Quote' button.
    3. Enter the Guest Details.
    4. Select the Arrive & Depart Dates.
    5. Select a Category & Area.
    6. Select a Rate Type.
    7. Save/Exit.


    The 'Quote' button will not show on 'Confirmed' reservations or when the Default Reservation Status is set to 'Confirmed'.

    Requirements added on a Quote Reservation will not display on the To Do Chart until the reservation has been converted to Unconfirmed or Confirmed status.


    Quote Reservations do not subtract from available inventory until the Reservation Status is changed to 'Unconfirmed' or 'Confirmed'.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Reservations > Make Reservation in RMS.

    Select the 'Quote' button.

    Enter the Guest Details.

    Select the Arrive & Depart Dates.

    Select a Category & Area.

    Select a Rate Type.

    Select 'Save/Exit' to store the changes made.

    This Quote Reservation will now be saved in RMS with a Reservation Number.

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