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    Difference Between Property & Online Payment Gateways

    Information on the difference of setting up property vs online payment gateways in RMS.

    What is a Property Payment Gateway?

    Property Payment Gateways allow for PCI Compliant credit card storage and payment processing via the provider of your choice, directly in RMS.

    What are Online Payment Gateways?

    Online Payment Gateways allow for configuring a standalone PCI compliant payment processing account for use with your RMS Online that is separate from your Property Payment Gateway.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of using an Online Only Payment Gateway?

    Online Only Payment Gateways are designed exclusively for online business and e-commerce, making them perfect for providing your customers with secure payment processing whilst giving you the control and flexibility of managing your online payments within your own account.

    Do I need to be setup for a Property Payment Gateway to use an Online Gateway?


    RMS provides the flexibility of using RMS Vault as a PCI Compliant storage method for Credit Cards at the Property, or if you prefer to leave your Property set to 'No Gateway' this will not prevent configuring or using an Online Only gateway. No matter which Payment Gateway you have configured on your Property, the ability to configure a seperate Online Gateway remains available.


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