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    RMS IBE Pending Reservation

    Information on temporary reservations created by the RMS Internet Booking Engine.

    The RMS Internet Booking Engine can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile devices and uses live availability with the property's RMS database. 

    When a guest adds an Area to their shopping cart an a Pencil Reservation with the Guest Name & Reservation Status of 'IBE Pending' is created in RMS to place a hold on the availability for the guest. 

    When the guest completes online checkout this reservation will be updated with the entered Guest Details and changed to 'Confirmed' status.

    If the guest removes the Area from their cart before completing checkout or doesn't complete checkout within the displayed 10 minute countdown timer the Pencil Reservation will be cancelled to make the Area available.

    If a User cancels the Pencil Reservation holding availability for the online guest the online reservation before the guest can complete the online booking process the Guest's reservation will only be confirmed if additional availability exists for their selected dates.

    Reservations created from online bookings received through the RMS Internet Booking Engine will display a large number of changes in the Reservation Audit Trail as part of the reservation creation process. These records include the initial Pencil Reservation and the update of all recieved Guest Information completed during the checkout process.

    Reservations created from online bookings received through the RMS Internet Booking Engine with an Arrival Date of the current date will prompt a notification in the Message Centre to alert front office staff.

    The RMS Online module is required to use the RMS Internet Booking Engine.

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