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    Transport Layer Security

    Resolving 525 Origin SSL Handshake Errors in the RMS MFI.

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    Operating SystemsMFI Error

    Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol provides a security layer for communications over a computer network including HTTPS through encryption of transferred data.

    Client-Server applications including the RMS MFI & API use the TLS protocol to communicate across a network in a way that prevents tampering or interception by using a handshake procedure that determines the connection's security using a variety of pre-determined parameters and unique session keys.

    Due to the encryption protocol changes required by the new version of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), RMS removed support of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 effective 5th June 2018. After this time only TLS 1.2 or later has been supported by RMS.

    RMS has fully supported TLS 1.2 and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA256) since 8th April 2014 in our commitment and dedication to maintaining a high level of security; protecting our customer's and partner's data.

    Operating Systems

    The following Operating Systems (OS) support TLS 1.2 protocol without additional input or configuration from users:

    • Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    • Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016
    • OS X 10.9+

    Operating Systems not listed above may be able to be updated to support TLS 1.2 by obtaining an update file from the Operating System's support centre.

    Operating System upgrades are not conducted or supported by RMS Customer Support.

    MFI Error

    Users with an outdated Operating System that has not been updated to a version that supports TLS 1.2 will encounter errors when using the RMS Multi Function Interface (MFI) or API to link their RMS application with a third party including PABX, Boomgates and POS.

    Handshake errors like the one shown above indicate a communication error between the third party and RMS due to an unsupported TLS protocol.

    To resolve this error the Operating System must be updated to support TLS 1.2 or be upgraded to a later version that includes support for the TLS 1.2 protocol listed in the Operating Systems section of this article.

    Handshake errors and failed communication between RMS and the third party will continue until the Operating System is updated to support TLS 1.2.

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