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    Setup Woobox with a Static Tab for Facebook

    Setting up Woobox for the RMS IBE to receive bookings on Facebook into RMS.

    Steps Required

    Have your System Administrator complete the following.

    1. Go to the Woobox website.
    2. Select 'Sign In'.
    3. Select 'Sign in with Facebook'.
    4. Login using the property's business Facebook account.
    5. Select 'Static Tabs' in the Woobox Toolbar Menu.
    6. Select 'Create a New Tab'.
    7. Select 'HTML Fangate Tab'
    8. Select 'Image' and upload a property image for use as the RMS IBE.
    9. Select 'URL' and enter the property's RMS IBE URL.
    10. Select 'Height' and enter '1000px'.
    11. Select 'Tab Settings'
    12. Enter the Tab Name to display in Facebook.
    13. Select 'Save Settings'.
    14. Visit the business Facebook page to review.


    The property's Facebook page must have at least 2000 page likes before a Woobox Static Tab can be configured.

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