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    User Licences Available

    Information on the types of User Licences available in RMS.

    Normal User

    Normal Users refer to User Profiles setup in RMS with access determined by the assigned Security Profile. These users can be setup as Read Only if required.

    An unlimited number of users can be setup in RMS, the Normal User Licence only limits the number of these users that can be logged in at any one time.

    Limited Access Users

    Limited Access Users are User Profiles setup in RMS and selected as 'Limited Access'. These users can have access to view any area of RMS via an assigned Security Profile. Limited Users will see Reservations and Guest Profiles in a read only state.

    Limited Access Users can be used to free up Normal User licences for users that require access to other areas of the system, such as Reports yet do not require the ability to work on Guests or Reservations.


    The number of licences a property has refers to the number of each user type that can be logged in at any one time. Limitations are not placed on the total number of User Profiles that can be created in RMS.

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