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    Update Accommodation Revenue Figures

    Update Accommodation Revenue used for reporting in RMS.

    Steps Required

    Have your System Administrator complete the following.

    1. Go to Utilities > Accomm Revenue Updater in RMS.
    2. Select 'Specific Category'.
    3. Select a Category.
    4. Select 'Update'.


    This utility is required if changes are made to the General Ledger Account Code setup for which codes are to be included or excluded from Accommodation Revenue or when Recalculate Future Rates has been used to update the rates on existing reservations.


    Altering the setup of what is to be included in Accommodation Revenue and running this utility will change reported Operational Accommodation Revenue in RMS.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Utilities > Accomm Revenue Updater in RMS.

    Select 'Specific Category'.

    Select a Category.

    Select 'Update' to begin running the utility.

    This utility will update existing records of Operational Accommodation Revenue for current and future reservations within the selected Property, Category or Reservation.

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