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    Booking Chart: Set Position

    Set a default start date to open on the Booking Chart in RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Go to Charts > Booking Chart in RMS.
    2. Navigate to the Start Date.
    3. Select the 'Set Position' icon.
    4. Exit.


    Set Position will determine the date the Booking Chart will first open on each new login session for the user.

    Exiting the Booking Chart and reopening will return the user to the last viewed date range in the current login session.

    Seasonal properties can use Set Position to default the Booking Chart to open at the beginning of the next season.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Charts > Booking Chart in RMS.

    Navigate to the Start Date.

    Select the 'Set Position' icon.

    Select 'Exit' to store the changes made for this user.

    The first time the Booking Chart is opened by this user each login session will open on the date set.



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