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    CommWeb Account Requirements

    Information on account options required with Commonwealth Bank for interface with RMS.

    CommWeb Facility Account Requirements

    The following options should be requested from Commonwealth Bank when preparing to interface a CommWeb account with RMS:

    • POP file indicator set to 'Live' for MasterCard.
    • Activation of American Express on the CommWeb Account should be requested if accepted at the property as a payment method. 
    • Transaction Types: Purchase (required) & Pre-Auth (optional).
    • 3D Security: Optional, not required by RMS.
    • Accepting Payments for Goods or Service Delivery: Yes.
    • Membership of any association franchise or buying group: Yes, RMS.
    • Link ID for Pricing & Tracking: G0567
    • MOTO: Required in order to process card not present transactions.

    CommWeb Requirements for use with RMS IBE

    The following will be requested and is required by Commonwealth Bank to use their CommWeb service with the RMS IBE.

    • RMS IBE URL where payments will be processed.
    • Merchant facility trading name to match the primary business name on the website and be visibly disclosed to customers throughout the check-out process.
    • Terms & Conditions to be visible and easily accessible.
    • Disclaimer advising that the merchant (CBA) is Australian based.
    • Complete trading or registered business details including street address as well as a valid contact phone number and email address.


    Disclaimer and registered business details can be included in the Property's 'About Us', 'Contact Us' or 'Terms & Conditions' sections of the RMS IBE.

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