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    Information on features available to optimise check-in in RMS.

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    The Check-in/Check-out feature enables recording the arrival and departure of a guest against their reservation in RMS.

    There are a variety of ways to check-in a reservation as well as a number of supporting features to optimise the check-in experience for guests and staff.

    Select a check-in method below to view the available features and recommended setup in RMS.

    • Front Desk Check-in
    • Express Check-in
    • Self Check-in
    • Add Button
    Front Desk Check-in
    This check-in method requires guests to attend the front desk on their arrival to register their information as well as provide credit card details or pre-pay before recieving their keys.

    The following RMS features can be used to support a Front Desk Check-in.

    Express Check-in

    Offering an express check-in for guests minimises the time spent at the front desk on their arrival.

    This method of check-in can be beneficial to both guests and staff, particularly during peak check-in periods or busy seasons.

    The following RMS features can be used to support an Express Check-in service.

    Self Check-in

    Self check-in can eliminate the need for guests to attend a front desk, reducing staffing requirements for guest arrivals.

    This method of check-in is ideal for properties operating without a publicly accessible front office or where digital access including key lockboxes are available for guests to retrieve their keys independently.

    The following RMS features can be used to support a Self Check-in option.

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