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    Sending SMS

    Information on character limitations and multi-part SMS sent from RMS.

    International SMS

    RMS uses the Country field on the Guest Profile to determine the appropriate Country Code for sending SMS.

    If no Country is set on the guest, RMS considers this guest to be local to the Property and uses the Property's Country Code for sending the SMS to the guest.


    To ensure International SMS reach their intended recipients, select the 'Country of Residence' on the Guest Profile.

    Spaces & Line Breaks

    Every character or keystroke entered into the SMS Template contributes to the Character Count.

    Spaces count as one character and Enter will count as one character if going to a new line or two characters if creating a line break.

    Example One: Character Count

    Example Two: New Line (Enter Once)

    Example Three: Line Break (Enter Twice)

    Multi-Part SMS

    SMS created with more than 160 characters become multi-part SMS.

    To deliver these segments as one message in chronological order, special hidden characters must be added to the message by the SMS provider.

    Due to the need to add these linking characters on sending the SMS, the character limitations for multi-part messages are not 160 characters per message part.

    Number of SMS SMS Template Character Limitation
    1 160
    2 306
    3 459
    4 (Maximum) 612


    Using merge fields in SMS can fluctuate the character count further once the data is merged for sending. The increase in character count shown when inserting a merge field is for the merge field itself and should be used as a guide only.

    The cap for total characters that can be included in a single SMS template is 612. Exceeding this limitation will display an error when sending from RMS.

    Below is an example of a multi-part SMS with multiple merge fields that exceeds the Character Cap by 1 character before any data is merged.


    Larger SMS Templates can be assessed for suitability as an email, or reduced to fit the style of the Short Messaging Service.

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