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    Elavon Functions

    Information on functions available when using Elavon in RMS.

    EFTPOS  eCommerce
    CC Token - Reservation
    CC Token -  Guest Profile
    CC Token -  Company
    CC Token -  Travel Agent
    Pre-Auth Token - Reservation
    Receipt - CC Token
    Receipt - Card Details
    Consume Pre-Auth Token
    Reverse a Receipt
    Refund - Card Details
    Blind Refund
    Reverse a Refund

    EFTPOS: Electronic payments processed with the card present using a connected device at the time of sale.

    eCommerce: All card transactions processed electronically via the Internet.

    This includes payments processed in RMS with a Credit Card Token or Card Details as well as payments processed via the RMS IBE and Guest Portal.

    Blind Refunds: Blind Refunds permit users to refund any nominated value through the payment gateway to any available credit card token. 

    The ability to perform a Blind Refund must be enabled in the payment gateway account prior to being enabled in RMS.

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