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    Acknowledgement Questions

    Setup Pre Check-in Guest Declaration questions in RMS.

    Steps Required

    Have your System Administrator complete the following.

    1. Go to Setup > Portal Access > Guest Portal in RMS.
    2. Navigate to the 'Check-in' tab.
    3. Select the 'Covid-19 Declaration' tab.
    4. Enter the required Declaration Questions.
    5. Save.


    The Acknowledgement Questions for the Guest Declaration can be customised to suit local authority requirements for any health and safety information to be obtained from guests as part of their stay.

    A default set of 7 questions will be preset in RMS for the Guest Declaration.

    Remove all questions to exclude a Guest Declaration from the property's Pre Check-in process in the Guest Portal.

    Answering 'No' to an Acknowledgement Question will notify the property via the Message Centre to review the Guest Declaration.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Setup > Portal Access > Guest Portal in RMS.

    Navigate to the 'Check-in' tab.

    Select the 'Covid-19 Declaration' tab.

    Enter the required Declaration Questions.

    Select 'Save' to store the changes made.

    The questions entered here will be used for the Guest Declaration during Pre Check-in.

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