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    Cancel or Release from Maintenance

    Information on the difference between cancelling and releasing a Maintenance Reservation in RMS.

    A Maintenance Reservation blocks inventory of a particular Area whilst recording a maintenance requirement in RMS.

    The Maintenance Utility can be used to review, amend, release or cancel Maintenance Reservations.

    Cancelling a Maintenance Reservation

    A Maintenance Reservation should only be cancelled when there was an initial block for maintenance but that is no longer going ahead.

    An example would be scheduling a room offline for touch up painting in March, inspecting the walls in the room and deciding the paint does not need touching up.

    In this scenario, the Maintenance Reservation can safely be cancelled as the room is no longer required to go offline and no work was conducted.

    Releasing a Maintenance Reservation

    Any scenario where a Maintenance Reservation blocks availability of a specific room for a period of time and that time passes needs to be released or amended to reflect changes in the maintenance schedule.

    For example, putting a room offline for a day to call out a plumber to fix a burst pipe.

    In this scenario, if the plumber comes on the day and fixes the burst pipe, the Maintenance Reservation can be released when work is completed by the plumber.

    If the plumber needed to return the following day to complete additional work, the Maintenance Reservation would need to be amended to extend the dates.


    Most Maintenance Reservations will be released instead of cancelled. 

    If the time of the maintenance block passes it should be released when preparing to put the room back online. 

    Maintenance Reservations should only be cancelled if the reason for the block being put on is no longer happening or required.

    Using Maintenance Reservations in this way allows for more accurate auditing in RMS on maintenance work completed as well as room condition or deterioration over time. If every Maintenance Reservation gets cancelled or is left in place when work is conducted, an inaccurate representation of this Area's condition is recorded in RMS.

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