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    Check-out a Reservation on a Mobile Device

    Checking out reservations in RMS using compatible smart devices.

    Steps Required

    1. Log into RMS 9+ on a mobile or tablet.
    2. Select 'Check-out'
    3. Choose the Reservation.

    Visual Guide

    Log into RMS 9+ on the device and choose 'Check-out' from the displayed menu.


    This will display a list of all the current day's expected departures.



    Select the guest's name from the displayed guest registry to view their reservation details.




    The Reservation Account will be displayed if there is any outstanding balance, express check-out is best used if payment in full has already been taken prior.

    When no outstanding balance is on the Reservation Account, the reservation will be checked out.



    The reservation will now be in 'Departed' status.


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