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    RMS Channel API Documentation

    API documentation for the RMS Channel API.

    The RMS Channel API allows suitably qualified developers to connect a proprietary online booking system to the RMS database and is suitable for:

    • Online Travel Agents
    • Channel Managers
    • Central Reservations Systems
    • Online Travel Wholesalers
    • Other aggregators of online bookings.

    Once your development team have read through the RMS Channel API Documentation documentation to assess the APIs suitability for the desired connection, contact the RMS Development Team and include the following information:

    • Contact details for the main technical contact including direct phone number and email address.
    • Contact details for system support including direct phone number and email address.

    Once contact has been initiated with our development team you will be provided with information to connect to a test environment.

    Contact the RMS Connectivity Team for further information.

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