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    Staff Portal

    Portal for housekeepers and staff to manage tasks allocated in RMS.

    Decision Tree

    The Staff Portal simplifies management of housekeepers and other staff by providing a direct link between the property and the staff at work.

    • Housekeeping
    • Message Centre
    • Add Button


    Housekeepers setup with login details can view and manage their allocated tasks including recording a DND or Task Not Required, set an Area to Clean status and communicate directly with the property.

    • Setup
    • Housekeeping
    • Staff Portal
    • Add Button


    Managing Housekeeping in the Staff Portal requires properties to be using Housekeeping in RMS including Housekeeping Tasks & Housekeepers as well as optional setup for Bed Configurations & Linen.

    Housekeepers should be setup with a Staff Portal Login and Reasons setup for when a task is marked as not required to manage housekeeping in the Staff Portal.


    Properties will need to allocate tasks to a housekeeper using the Housekeeper Roster or Clean Screen Task View and can set the Task Priority in RMS.

    Properties can also communicate directly with the housekeepers using Staff Portal Messaging.

    Staff Portal

    Housekeepers can log into RMS on a compatible smart device using their Housekeeper login details to view their Allocated Tasks.

    In the Staff Portal housekeepers can mark an allocated task In Progress, record the Linen Tracking and Complete a Task or mark tasks as Do Not Disturb or Task Not Required.

    Once a task has been marked completed housekeepers setup with permission can Set an Area to Clean which will be reflected to users in RMS.

    Message Centre

    The Message Centre used in RMS can be accessed in the Staff Portal to enable users to send and receive messages on a mobile or tablet device.

    In addition to Housekeeping Messages the Staff Portal Message Centre can be used for messaging between staff, responding to guest messages from the Guest Portal, SMS or email.


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