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    RMS Public Interface API

    Documentation for the RMS Public Interface API

    The Public Service Interface acts as a gateway to the RMS database. It can be used to extract a broad subset of data for a range of uses.

    The information can be extracted periodically as an automated routine or on demand. The interface also allows for posting charges back to the guest account.

    There are many uses for the Public Service Interface which include but are not limited to:

    • E-marketing solutions
    • Loyalty systems
    • Data correlation for group wide reporting
    • Statistical reporting
    • Data Warehouse

    This document describes the protocol to provide for the exchange of information between the Property Management System (RMS) and the Third Party Applications.   

    This document will list the available public functions that RMS will expose.  

    It is intended that this document will be updated, if and when, these web services are expanded, or new services are provided.  
    Third party applications will be required to undergo RMS Testing and certification before they are authorised to use this protocol.

    For information about the process and costs involved, please contact your nearest RMS Sales Office.  

    A copy of the documentation can be downloaded below.

    RMS Public Interface API Documentation.pdf

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