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    Failure Reason: 'RoomTypeId or RoomTypeCode Not Supplied

    Critical Online Notification for Failed Reservation Delivery in RMS.

    Online reservations that are unable to be delivered into RMS due to Mapping Errors will receive a critical alert in the Message Centre.

    When the Failure Reason listed is 'RoomTypeID or RoomType Code not supplied' it indicates an issue with the mapping for that channel and the following actions should be taken by the System Administrator:

    • Identify Mapping Issues
      Check the Channel Management mapping in RMS to ensure all combinations setup on the Channel have been mapped appropriately in RMS.
    • Review the Channel Log
      Verify the message displayed in the Channel Log for the Category & Rate Type received with the failed reservation.
    • Contact the Channel
      Contact the Property's market manager or point of contact at the Channel to confirm any new or changed setup that would require mapping updates in RMS.
    • Setup a Fallback Category & Rate Type
      Setup a Default Category & Rate Type to be used in future events should there be a mapping issue preventing a reservation delivery.


    Reservations that failed to deliver should be manually created in RMS as soon as possible to prevent overbookings and the mapping rectified to prevent further failed deliveries.

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