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    Speed & Performance

    Troubleshooting steps for speed or performance degradation experienced in RMS.

    RMS 9+ is a web application dependent on internet access, when performance is not optimal or users are experiencing lengthy load times or sluggish behaviour there are a number of areas that can be checked to identify any potential contributing issues.

    Common Performance Degradation Checklist

    • Is the internet connected and stable?
      • Ensure the device is connected to the internet.
      • Confirm that the internet network connected is for internal use only and not being shared with guests.
      • Ensure there is no streaming or large continuous downloads monopolising available bandwidth.
    • Is the computer connected to the modem or router using a wireless (WI-FI) connection?
      • If using WI-FI, try connecting via Ethernet cable for a direct hard-line connection between the computer and modem or router.
    • Is the Internet Browser on the latest version?
      • Update the Internet Browser if any updates are available.
    • Does the internet connection meet the minimum speed & reliability requirements for RMS?
      • Perform an Internet Speed Test using the URL provided and check the Internet Connection Requirements to confirm this meets minimum requirements.
      • Perform a Reliability Test using the URL provided. A rating of 'C' or less indicates the internet connection is a likely cause of any performance issues being experienced in RMS.
    • Is the internet connection used for RMS shared with a phone, fax or EFTPOS?
      • If so, consider installing a line splitter for the router to increase the speed of the RMS applications and avoid any potential issues caused to the internet line.

    Advanced Troubleshooting

    If completing the above checklist does not improve the performance of the RMS application, keep a log of the following information in preparation for RMS Support Investigation.

    • Frequency of performance degradation.
    • Time of day when performance degradation are most apparent.
    • Functions performed in RMS where performance degradation is most noticeable.
    • Results of a WinMTR Test at time of performance degradation.

    Go to Help > Service Requests > Add in RMS 9+ to log a Service Request with RMS Support. Ensure to include the above details and results of any additional testing performed on the network to assist with the RMS Support Investigation.

    Internet Connection Requirements

    RMS strongly recommends a dedicated internet connection for office use only. 

    Sharing a connection with guests can cause significant network congestion which will result in poor application performance.

    Connection requirements will vary depending on usage of the RMS 9+ application. 

    Example data transfer sizes for the most frequently used parts of the system are listed below.

    • Reservation Screen - 10 KB
    • In / Out Movements - 20 KB
    • Booking Chart - 40 KB
    • Rate Manager - 15 KB
    • Availability Chart - 15 KB


    Data transfer figures are based on a single property configured with 200 Areas.

    RMS suggests the following minimum bandwidth requirements for a connections shared between 3-4 moderately active users.

    Minimum Bandwidth

    Download: 0.50 MB per second.
    Upload: 0.25 MB +

    Recommended Bandwidth

    Download: 1.5 MB per second.
    Upload: 0.25 MB +


    The above recommendations are minimums and will not result in optimum performance of the RMS application. 

    Additional bandwidth will be required for more than 3-4 moderately active users.

    Internet Service Providers

    RMS strongly recommends using a business grade internet connection from a reputable ISP.

    Included below is a list of Internet Service Providers that offer business grade internet connections by region.

    Australia & New Zealand

    Provider Web Address
    Telstra Internet Direct

    North America

    Provider Web Address
    Time Warner
    Century Link
    Midcontinent Communications


    Provider Web Address
    Bell Aliant
    Manitoba Telecom Services


    Provider Web Address


    Provider Web Address

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