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    Channel Pricing Models

    Information on pricing models available when using the RMS Channel Manager.

    A Pricing Model determines how rates are calculated with some channels supporting multiple Pricing Models through the connection available in RMS.

    Channels that support multiple Pricing Models must have one selected in the Channel Connection setup.

    Occupancy Based Pricing

    Rates are setup based on a single occupant in the room and increased incrementally based on the number of persons.

    Occupancy Based Pricing can assist properties to maximise occupancy by providing competitive, appealing prices on harder to fill rooms for smaller booking groups.

    The Occupancy Based Pricing model is most commonly utilised with occupancy based targets.

    The table below demonstrates how the current nightly room rate can be adapted to a Person Base model in RMS to use Occupancy Based Pricing on a channel that accepts this Pricing Model.

    Category Nightly Room Rate Base Rate
    (1 Person)
    1st Additional
    (2 Persons)
    2nd Additional
    (3 Persons)
    3rd Additional
    (4 Persons)
    4th Additional
    (5 Persons)
    (6+ Persons)
    Standard 120 80 20 20 - - -
    Luxury 200 150 50 - - - -
    Family 350 230 30 30 30 30 -

    Per Day Pricing

    Rates are setup based on the day of the week and not specifically dependent on the number of occupants in the room.

    Prices can be fluctuated throughout the week to advertise attractive prices based on demand for the property and additional guest pricing can be setup for rooms that can accommodate them. 

    The Per Day Pricing model is most commonly utilised with revenue based targets.

    The table below demonstrates how this rate model may be used.

    Category Person Base Additional Guests Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Standard 2 - 120 120 120 155 175 175 115
    Luxury 2 50 200 200 200 225 265 265 195
    Family 4 60 350 350 350 375 395 395 320

    Full Pattern Length of Stay

    Minimum Length of Stay and Soft Closes are setup against the advertised rates to control the arrival and length of stay for guests booking at the property.

    Either rate model (Per Day or Occupancy Based) can be used with this restriction model to achieve the desired results.

    The Maximum Occupants Per Area setup on the Category will be used to determine the maximum occupancy rates sent to the channel.

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