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    Release Funds for Refund Without Voiding a Charge

    Using an Assigned Credit Note to release funds on an account in RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Open the Account in RMS.
    2. Select Sundry Charge.
    3. Choose the Assigned Credit Note.
    4. Select the Target Charge.
    5. Enter the Negative Value.
    6. Apply/Exit.

    Visual Guide

    Open the account in RMS.

    Select the 'Sundry Charge' button.

    Choose the required Assigned Credit Note.

    Select the charge on the account this credit note should be assigned to.

    Enter a negative value for the credit against the selected charge.

    Choose 'Apply/Exit' to apply the credit note to the account.

    The Assigned Credit Note will now be posted and include the details of the target charge.

    Any receipt funds previously allocated to this charge will now be available on the account for refund.

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