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    Report Writer

    Information on using Report Writer in RMS.

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    Report Writer is a powerful utility that can be used to extract information stored in the property's RMS database to convert into custom reports.

    Create search templates based on criteria for a wide range of fields in RMS and export only the set of data required.

    Report Writer can be used to create custom reports, mailing lists, mailing labels and more.

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    The first step in using Report Writer is to create a search template.

    The search template sets the criteria RMS will use to extract the desired information and can be based on a wide range of fields in RMS.

    Search templates can consist of simple or complex search statements and be saved for re-use.

    Below are the search options available in Report Writer.


    After a search template has been created information from the matching results can be exported a variety of ways.

    Exports can be scheduled to create custom scheduled reports, used as a mailing list for edm campaigns or to create mailing labels for envelopes and traditional post.

    Below are the export options available in Report Writer.


    The large scope of information that can be searched on or exported using Report Writer creates near-limitless possibilities for customised report data.

    Below are examples of ways Report Writer can be used.

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