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    Phishing Emails

    Protect your RMS database from hoax emails.

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    Key PointsPrecautions

    Phishing emails are fraudulent emails sent by scammers impersonating a trustworthy business in an attempt to obtain sensitive information including usernames, passwords and credit card information. 

    These scams operate by closely mimicking genuine business correspondence and will either directly request sensitive information or will provide a fake login link that will save any information you enter.

    Key Points

    • RMS will never ask you to log into your RMS database via a url or hyperlink sent in an email.
    • Scammers often closely immitate email addresses, domains, content and designs of genuine emails and websites.
    • Check emails for clues and if in doubt - delete the email, block the sender and report to RMS Support.

    Usernames & passwords are a basic single-layer of security for protecting your database from unauthorised access. Clicking a fraudulent link in a phishing email and entering your login information makes it possible for the scammers to log into your RMS Database if there are no additional layers of security activated.

    Once inside these scammers can obtain sensitive information including guest and user contact information, create new Users and Security Profiles to increase their access to your database or send phishing emails impersonating you.

    Two Factor Authentication provides multiple layers of security. 

    If a fraudulent link in a phishing email is clicked when using Two Factor Authentication and the scammers obtain your username and password they cannot access your RMS database without the verification code generated on the configured authenticator device.

    RMS provides a wide range of tools to enable customers to increase the protection on the sensitive data stored in their RMS Database.

    If you haven't already, visit the below Help Centre articles to complete the recommended security setup today.


    If you suspect you have clicked a link in a suspicious email or have detected suspicious activity in your RMS database, contact RMS Support immediately.

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