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    Staff Portal Remove Do Not Disturb

    Remove a 'DND' against a Housekeeping Task using the Staff Portal by RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Log into RMS with a Housekeeper Login
    2. Select 'Housekeeping'.
    3. Select the DND Task.
    4. Select the 'DND' button.
    5. Select 'Agree' to confirm.


    Housekeepers can use the 'DND' status to indicate they were unable to complete an allocated task due to the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on a door. 

    Users logged in on a touchscreen device can swipe right on a task to shortcut to the 'DND' button.

    Visual Guide

    Log into RMS with a Housekeeper Login.

    Select 'Housekeeping'.

    Select the DND Task.

    Select the 'DND' button.

    Select 'Agree' to confirm.

    The 'DND' status against this Incomplete Task will now be removed.

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