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    Open New Day Not Processed

    How to correct transactions processed on the incorrect Accounting Date in RMS.

    Properties setup to 'Use End of Day Processing' are required to Open a New Accounting Date before processing any transactions for a new day in RMS.

    If for any reason this process is not performed and transactions are posted in RMS on the incorrect Accounting Date, properties can consider the following options depending on the circumstances:

    • Finish the current day on the incorrect Accounting Date and factor this into end of day processes as well as Open a New Day twice before proceeding to the next day's transactions. 
    • Reverse and Void all Receipts and Charges, Open a New Day and re-post all Receipts and Charges on the correct date..


    Correction options depend on operations as well as the types of transactions posted for the incorrect Accounting Date.

    If unsure how to proceed or if Owner or Trust Accounting, Log a Service Request for RMS Customer Support to advise further.

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