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    Users Cannot See Rate Amounts

    Users seeing XXXX instead of a dollar amount in RMS.

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    The Reservation Screen provides central management of individual reservations and their guests in RMS. 

    The Rate Amount and Account Balance can be viewed in the 'Account' column on the Reservation Screen

    Users will see 'XXXX' in place of any dollar values for the Rate Amount and Account Balance if the Security Profile option 'Hide Accomm Values (Show as XXXX)' has been set to 'Yes'.

    The Security Profile option 'Hide Accomm Values (Show as XXXX)' can be set to 'Yes' to mask the Rate Amount and Account Balance for selected users.

    The System Administrator can update the Security Profile access to allow Users to see the Rate Amounts on the Reservation Screen.


    Go to Setup > Users > User Information to verify the Security Profile associated to the User.

    Go to Setup > Users > Security Profiles in RMS. 

    Select the  'Edit' icon on the Security Profile.

    Expand the Function Menu 'General'.

    Use the 'Highlight' bar to quickly search for a Security Profile function.

    Select 'Allow' as 'No' on the 'Hide Accomm Values (Show as XXXX)' function.

    Select 'Save/Exit' to store the changes made and leave the Security Profile setup.

    Users will need to log out of RMS and log back in to apply the changes to their user session.

    Users assigned this Security Profile will now be able to view the Rate Amounts and Account Balance on the Reservation Screen.

    Reservation and Rate are default System Labels that can be customised.

    For further assistance, log a Service Request with the RMS Customer Support team. 

    System Administrators will require Security Profile access to use this feature.

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