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    System Administrators

    Information on users referred to as System Administrators in RMS.

    Decision Tree

    The System Administrator is a nominated user responsible for the configuration and maintenance of setup and the point of contact for system information.

    This RMS User is selected as the System Administrator in the Property Contacts and should be assigned a Security Profile providing the access to required setup items.

    By default for new customers the system user 'Manager' will also be considered as a System Administrator.

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    The default System Administrator in RMS is the 'Manager' system user.

    New customers setting up RMS for the first time will be provided the user credentials for this 'Manager' user and should change the password after logging in for the first time.

    The 'Manager' user will show all menu items available in RMS and is provided to facilitate initial system configuration.

    All staff requiring access to RMS should be setup with individual user profiles and an individual user nominated as the Property's System Administrator.

    The Manager Password must be changed after logging into RMS for the very first time.

    System Administrator

    The System Administrator in RMS and the RMS Help Centre refers to the user nominated as the System Administrator Contact for a property.

    The user nominated as the System Administrator in RMS will responsible for the maintenance of system setup in the RMS database and will be used as the point of contact by RMS on matters relating to system setup and critical system notifications.

    Properties may choose to nominate additional users to have access to setup menus in RMS and refer to these persons internally as 'System Administrators' without authorising them as the primary System Administrator to RMS.

    Below are the instructions for setting up & nominating a System Administrator in RMS.

    Setup a User with a high level of Security Profile access and nominate them as the System Administrator in the Contacts section.

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