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    Connection information for Expedia.

    Preparing to Connect

    Prior to completing the Channel Connection to Expedia, contact the property's Expedia Market Manager and advise them of the intention to connect in RMS and request to enable email notifications.

    Log into Expedia, go to Rooms & Rates > Room, Rate & Policies and select 'Export Room Types & Rate Plan Information'.

    Availability, Rate & Reservation Information

    The following availability, rate, and reservation information is sent and received by Expedia and RMS.

    Availability & Rates
    Guests & Reservations
    Live Availability
    730 Days
    Oversell Allotments
    Release Back Time
    Additionals Rates*
    Rate Amount
    Rate Description
    Override Amount

    Person Base
    * Additional Guest Fees will only apply for extra adults, not children or infants.
    Closed to Arrival
    Single Reservation
    Closed to Departure
    Group Reservation
    Maximum Nights
    Minimum Nights (MLOS) *
    Minimum Nights (Soft Close) *
    Email Confirmation Sent By
    Stop Sell
    Reservation Details
    * Minimum Nights must be configured in Expedia to be MLOS or Soft Close and set up in RMS as Minimum Nights (MLOS).
    Based on the configuration in Expedia the Minimum Length of Stay setup in RMS will be advertised on Expedia as either MLOS or a Soft Close.
    Arrive & Depart Date
    Booking Source
    OTA Notes
    Rate Type
    Travel Agent

    Additional Features

    The Expedia Connection can be setup with a Pricing Model of Occupancy Based Pricing, Per Day Pricing or Full Pattern Length of Stay.

    The following additional features are available with the connection to Expedia.

    Auto Replenishment

    Auto Replenishment is a feature managed by Expedia and is unable to be deactivated by RMS.

    Using Auto Replenishment enables Expedia to automatically increase the Property's inventory for a Category once a Cancellation has been processed by Expedia.

    Expedia will calculate available inventory for the Property in this scenario outside the inventory updates provided by RMS and make the adjustment.

    Properties using Oversell Allotments in RMS may encounter the following scenarios in conjunction with Expedia's Auto Replenish feature.

    Oversell Allotments

    Properties using Oversell Allotments may find that once overbookings have been accepted from Expedia and a cancellation occurs for the same date and Category. Expedia's auto replenishment of inventory will open up inventory that no longer exists in RMS even if the original Oversell Allotment has been removed.

    Reservation Category Changes

    Expedia do not receive updates of Category changes on a reservation in their system. 

    If a Property changes the Category of a Expedia reservation in RMS and this reservation is later cancelled, the auto replenish feature will add inventory in Expedia for the originally booked Category.

    Properties should contact their Expedia market manager for any enquiries related to Auto Replenishment.


    Credit Card CVV Information

    CVV information is not provided to RMS with Expedia Collect reservations and will not have CVV information in RMS Vault for these reservations. To obtain this information the property should refer to the Expedia Confirmation Email.


    Hotel Collect, Expedia Collect & Package

    Hotel Collect Rate Plans setup in Expedia are rate plans that can be managed by RMS on the property's behalf.

    Expedia Collect & Package Rate Plans setup in Expedia will require mapping selections in Channel Management setup for reservation delivery purposes and should have 'No Update' selected as pricing and availability of these is derived within the Expedia extranet from the Hotel Collect Rate Plan.

    If the property is operating with a combination of Hotel Collect & Expedia Collect, the Rate Amount included on the reservation will vary based on this.

    Hotel Collect reservations will arrive in RMS with the Gross Rate amount on the reservation. Full payment will be taken at the property and any commissions payable to Expedia will be invoiced.

    Expedia Collect reservations will arrive in RMS with the Net Rate and will have the Total Rate amount overridden to reflect the amount Expedia will pay to the property less their commission taken.


    Minimum Length of Stays

    Expedia supports Minimum Nights on Arrival and Minimum Nights Through Stay restrictions for managing the required length of stay of guests at the property. For Minimum Nights Through Stay, Expedia will apply the most restrictive value to the stay by checking the value set against each reservation date. This property level setting can be managed in the Expedia extranet and updated by RMS.


    To verify which length of stay method the property is set up for in Expedia, contact Expedia via the email addresses below:

    New Connections:

    Existing Connections: 

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