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    No Rate Type on Add Reservation

    Troubleshoot the Rate Type drop down not displaying any rates in RMS.

    Decision Tree
    The Rate Type drop down will display the available Rate Types for the reservation based on the selections made.

    To determine the cause of no Rate Types being available in the drop down follow the below troublshooting steps.

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    User Access to Rate Types

    Security Profiles assigned to Users will require access to available Rate Types for users to be able to select these on the Reservation Screen.

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    Rate Setup

    Rate Types will not appear in the drop down on the Reservation Screen if no Rate Lookup exists.

    Rates must be setup for the Category, Rate Type & Date Range to be available for reservations.

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    Availability or Length of Stay Restrictions against a Rate Type will prevent the Rate Type displaying in the drop down if the criteria of the reservation does not meet the restriction set.

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    Company & Travel Agent Rates

    If a Company, Travel Agent or Wholesaler has been selected on the reservation and using Restricted Rate Types there may be no Rate Type access for that Company, Travel Agent or Wholesaler.

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    Further Assistance

    If the previous troubleshooting steps have not resolved the issue log a Service Request.

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