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    Financial Interface Mapping

    Information on mapping financial interfaces in RMS.

    Financial Interfaces include General Ledger Account Code mapping that can be used to specify how Receipts and Ledger Movements in RMS are allocated in the financial system’s general ledger.

    General Ledger Account Codes are unique codes or numbers assigned to each account in the financial system's chart of accounts used to organise financial transactions within the general ledger.

    It is recommended to setup General Ledger Account Codes in RMS to match the financial system used as they will determine where revenue is reported for any transaction created including Financial & Operational Revenue

    A General Ledger Account Code is mandatory on setup of a Category, Sundry Charge, Exclusive Tax or Late Fee and optional on setup of an Area, Rate Type or Discount.

    The financial system used will determine the format of the General Ledger Account Codes and the breakdown of the chart of accounts used.

     Below are examples of MYOB and Xero account numbers.

    Mapping multiple line items to the same General Ledger Account Code will consolidate related transactions into one record in the financial system’s general journal.


    Individually mapping General Ledger Account Codes will export as individual records in the financial system’s general journal.

     The mapping used for the Financial Interface is dependent on the financial system used and the setup of account numbers and chart of accounts used.



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