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    France NF 525 Requirements

    Information on requirements for properties operating in France using RMS.

    RMS Property Management System is classified as Cash Management Software in France according to the stipulations of NF 525.

    To comply with NF 525 Certification it is mandatory for properties operating in France to have the following information recorded in RMS for Tax Invoicing purposes:

    Important Information

    • An alternate Tax Invoice layout will be used in RMS to comply with NF 525.
    • A reason must be supplied each time a Tax Invoice is cancelled.
    • Reservations cannot be set to 'Departed' status unless a Tax Invoice has been raised for all charges.
    • Receipts will only display the Receipt Amount for the current Receipt (No charges).
    • Creating a Receipt on a Company, Guest, Travel Agent or Wholesaler account will automatically create a Tax Invoice.
    • The Property will be unable to use the Cash Account or POS Lite in RMS.
    • The Property's Accounting Date must be maintained with end of day completed no later than 24-hours after the actual date has passed.
    • If the Accounting Date falls outside 24-hours late a message will be displayed to all users for that Property on login.
    • Auditors will be able to generate an Invoice Archive Export and perform an Invoice Audit Verification for the Invoice Archive Export.

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